3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

Most businesses are getting apps nowadays, but should you spend the time and resources and get yourself an app? You want to be ahead of the competition and staying competitive for businesses in most industries means being part of the digital revolution. In 2017, that often means developing an app to keep customers’ attention. There are about 4.2 million apps in the Apple App store and Google Play store combined, and this number is clearly increasing.

When it comes to growth in time spent on mobile apps, according to Marketing Land, music stands at 79%, health and fitness 51%, social networking 49%, travel 28%, entertainment 22%, sports 16%, games 15%, and news at 14%. The percentage of mobile apps that were only used once shrunk to 20% in 2015 after improving to 22% in 2014. The percentage of apps used more than 11 times increased by 39% in 2014.

1) Do you get a return of investment?

You have to look at your current customer base. Do you think they are looking to use their mobile devices to access your business? A rule of thumb for when we decide is be your own customer. Would you use the app to access your business? In many cases it is important to give your customer the option to reach you however they can. In today’s competitive market it will help to be 1 step ahead of your competition.

2) Do you want to stand out from your competition?

Let’s face it, it is 2017 and we have competition in no matter which industry and market we are in. But why would your customers come to you vs your competitor around the corner? Give them more reasons on top of your great customer service.

3) Are you keeping up with the technology?

There are many reasons you might think you don’t need to have an online presence. But technology is moving and it is moving fast. Imagine you are a clothing store and Apple, Google or one of the leading technology companies came up with a tech tomorrow that lets you try on clothes through their phones and all you have to do is upload your designs through the system. Nice, you can reach all 223 million smartphone users in US. Well wait a second, you never invested the money and got an app for you. So now you have to start from scratch and catch up to the competition. We like to think it is better to be ahead of the game than playing catch up.

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