Mind Your Muscle

Mind Your Muscle is not just a fitness program, it’s the solution. In order to make real, lasting changes, you have to become Mindful of Your Muscles.

Muscle mass is really healthy for your body. It allows you to burn more energy so you can eat more food. It makes you stronger. It also helps to keep your bodily systems (especially your hormones) in balance and functioning properly. And in order to build that muscle, you have to give it the right stuff. This is where being mindful comes in.

Nick Milano – Mind Your Muscle

We have build a complete solution for Mind Your Muscle © that lets users to sign up for personal training and track their progress through the native app both on the App Store and the Google Play Store. MYM was a solution we have built completely from scratch. Some of the tools we have built for MYM are credit card processing, universal membership platform that lets users to login to the app and the website, custom workout editing platform, custom nutrition entry, content management system (CMS). All of the web site and the app uses a secure connection making MYM one of the most secure apps in the app store.